comedy & entertainment publicists


For over 20 years, Amanda Emery has provided a reliable, full-service publicity engine for comedians in all career stages. Be they breaking through or re-affirming popular status, her reputation for excellence, integrity and transparency has made Emery PR the first port of call for a growing pool of talented performers. Our company has, and continues to, work with many of the biggest and best names in comedy.

Emery PR has a passion for comedy, and over the years this passion has fuelled campaigns for entertainers who have either been household names to begin with, or, with the benefit of our experience and a forward-thinking approach, gained the recognition they deserve. It’s all about spreading the word with Amanda and the team – promoting nationally and internationally the tours, TV and radio shows and events such as the Edinburgh Festival – to create a buzz around artists. If Emery PR feel the potential we are keen to tell the world; it’s that simple.